Lip care, lip balm

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services-3Environment is one of the most expressive feature on his face. New skin is probably the best skin and most subtle. It can be said, that's not entirely skin which is a structural transition between the skin and mucous tissues.

The problems of environmental

Components inside of a very special environment: climate is extremely sensitive because there are a large number of nerve endings. Within the online environment without the fat and melanin. The epidermis in the tissue environment is extremely slender and not all the classes. Thus the environment is always dry and pigmented skin pigmentation different. Environment vulnerable to changes of weather and seasonal activities have a lot in daily life, whenever we talk or eat. To each is always fresh and smooth, we need daily care environment.


Fill each method is best to preserve the environment. All kinds of lipsticks, lip wax, lip balm and all kinds of clean fill for not only environmental but also prevent lips from peeling or appearance of fine lines.

If your lips dry-type environment, you need to use the soft lip fat and oil higher.

When I got home, you should clean out the cosmetics. Every week you should clean up by massage 2-3 times each. Grab a soft toothbrush dipped in mineral water cool then gently massage the lips. This helps clean your lips peeling the elements and keep your lips soft. It is also helpful if you use ice morning rub lightly on the lips - your lips will be more fresh and soft.

You should also rub your lips with oils that contain vitamin A, vitamin E, have the effect of soft lips.

Once a week you should follow lips mask: mix honey and vegetable oil to add a few drops of carrot juice, after ten minutes you use mineral water washed cream mask rich in vitamins A and lips.

Every evening you should rub your lips with special oils or creams. You should know that every skin is comparable with the skin around the eyes. So if you do not have the environmental quality specialist care, you can rub your lips with specialized creams for the eye area.

Vitamin required for each

Lips soft skin is very sensitive to deviations in the operation of the internal organs in the body. Then, each will be too dry, cracked, especially at the corners of the mouth. Environmental particularly sensitive to vitamin deficiency in the spring or early summer.
Therefore, at times a lack of vitamins, you should diversify your diet with foods rich in vitamins of group B. Very useful for each product as yogurt, cheese, egg yolk, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables.

Also, you should also drink more water to moisten the lips from the inside.