Why Peeling Nails?

Tuesday, February 3, 20157:40 PM(View: 1549)
services-5Every girl wants a foundation are consistent with his style but unfortunately it gives results not last long because of the color nail may peel away and this can cause discomfort where the users.

The following suggestions can help you maintain the beauty of your nails than a week:

- Do not add thinners to nail polish to maintain "life" of the painting because it only helps for early nail peeling, reduce the chances of you achieving a goal. Keep nail polish layer in a dry place and away from sunlight to make sure it does not thicken, so you can use nail polish longer without buying a new bottle or more substances diluted into the bottle.
- Before carrying out the nail polish, make sure that no substances or components surrounding the nail as water, oil or acetone ... because they will prevent the nail polish on nails sticking sure, shorter time to maintain the length of the paint. Use small pieces of cotton cloth and embedded special surfaces on nails, nail cleaning and preparation, "put on" a colorful way for your nails