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Wednesday, January 28, 201512:04 AM(View: 3536)
High heels in the summer prone to symptoms such as heel pain, cramps ... But in a recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 51% of women say they are willing to go a couple high heels are not afraid of a quick fall whether it hurt the foot ...
The simple way to help you take care of perfect legs in the summer.

1. Limit shoes, sandals too high.

The advantage of the "presence" of the pair of high-heeled shoes is to respect the sexy physique for you, but you'll have to face the "consequences" of the pair of shoes to go this way. The shoes, high-heeled shoes not only make your legs for comfort when traveling, but also makes it more prone to swelling, blood circulation is difficult even cramps ...The simplest way to overcome this situation is that you should not go the shoes, sandals and oversized high they should not go for a long time.
In addition, to bring the feet feel comfortable, relaxed and blood circulation, better is to massage your feet regularly and apply these exercises to stretch the legs.
This not only helps you quickly improve the situation but also can limit the perspiration and eliminates odors emanating from your feet.

2. Protect leather legs: When the sun, you should use sunscreen. Absolutely not to barefoot under the scorching sun for too long.

You should choose shoes lightweight, soft lining. Avoid punching style sandal with straps because they will hurt you share toenails in the process of moving. Sports shoes are usually closed beep hideout of parasitic fungi.
You can cool your feet regularly wash your feet with cool water and spray deodorants after vacuum drying.

news-53. Foot Massage: Please apply to hands a thin layer of cream or a little perfume, choose categories that contain ingredients to improve blood circulation quickly as mint, pine oil...

Next, start slowly and gently massage from the soles of the feet. Use the thumb flick of your foot and then to the underside of the toes, then scroll down to the heel. Use two hands clasped legs and then slowly relax. Making the switch to the other leg of her feet.